Technical Support


Tusgami uphold the service principle of customer-oriented, made standardized customer training process to reach the target that customer and learn something and apply it to better manage the high end machines from Tsugami quicker and faster with best value-added in customers' factories and maximize the benefit in shortest time for customers to convince customer that it is the best choice to buy Tsugami machine.


Training request:

Customers with training request apply at the corresponding Tsugami branches and each branch communicates with customers in advance for the training expectation to reach the training effect and understand the training method. The factory will make the training contents clear and confirm the training agenda to contact customers for training.


Training courses:

1. Basic training, practice training, customer assigned specific skills training;
2. New machine type and new technology training arranged by Tsugami factory from time to time, each branch will explain and arrange in advance according to customers' demand.

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