CNC Lathe


??Long stroke basic machine for long shaft
? Brilliant cutting capacity realizes high productivity
? On-board conversational programming software, Turnmate?i is prepared as an option
? Abnormal load detection function decrease the damage in case of machine crush
? Safety setting up by the help of interference prevention function at debug mode
? Accurate machining is realized by the thermal displacement compensation function


Machine tool parameter M08JL5-II M08JL8-II
Max. machinable dia. φ280/φ65(Bar work)mm
Main spindle speed 200~4,000min-1
No. of turret stations 8-station turret
Rapid traverse rate X:24m/min Z:27m/min
Main spindle motor 9/16kW
Width×Depth×Height 1,970×1,673×1,600mm 2,310×1,673×1,690mm
Weight 3,430kg 4,000kg


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