Precision Machinging Centre


??Utilizes large tooling zone for a large workpiece or multiple workpieces processing
??The spindle is separated from the ATC arm and the tool magazine?is fixed to the column top, the position of magazine will not affect the tooling area. Only the spindle moves up and down so that tooling design becomes easy.
? 20 tools can be stored in the tool magazine as standard.(Maximum mountable tool number: 21 tools)


Machine tool parameter VL3
X/Y/Z axis stroke 700×450×350mm
Table size 850×450mm
Max. load on table 300kg
Main spindle speed? 100~10,000min-1
Main spinlde motor 13.0/3.7kW
Tool shank

BIG PLUS BBT30 (JIS B 6339-1998 BT30)

Width×Depth×Height 1,900×2,280×2,385mm
Weight 3,200kg


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