CNC Precision Cylindrical Grinding Machine


? Stable machining precision
? ? Wheel adopted unique high rigid dynamic bearing of TSUGAMI
? ? Use the V- flat rail structure with high stability and precision

? Wheel OD 355mm and Max. width 50mm
? ? Adopt high rigid dynamic bearing with standardized machining tool of high efficient grinding
? ? SB type: O.D. grinding, mas production straight type(NC simultaneous 2-axis)
? ? AB type: Shaft and end face simultaneous grinding mas production angular type(NC simultaneous 2 axis)
? High performance ?Standardized with input function of grinding machining types
? High cozy ? Equipped with whole machine cover to improve the operation environment


Maching tool parameter G18-II?SB G18-II?AB
Swing( diameter) 180mm
Distance between centres 250mm
Grinding wheel OD×Max Width 355×50mm
Surface speed 2,700m/min
Rapid travers rate(X/Z) 8/16m/min
Wheel spindle motor 2.2KW-4P
Width×Depth×Height 1,450×2,085×1,780mm
Weight 2,000kg

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