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The Fifth Technical Fair at Precision Tsugami (China) Corporation


The Fifth Technical Fair was held at Precision Tsugami (China) Corporation on 26 June. 18 types of new models was exhibited including the latest models M08SJ-Ⅱ、B0386V-Ⅲ introduced by company which attracted lots of customers and distributors from domestic and overseas stopped and watched.

Technical personnel answered questions from each customer in detail on site, demonstrated with machines, discussed the machining technology in depth with customers which received positive comments from vast numbers of customers.

Since the first fair held in 2013, it is already the fifth fair held successfully till now, distributors and customers came from nation-wide and all over the world to the fair in total 498 companies and 992 people, which increased a lot compared with the previous fairs. Almost 100 pcs of machines sold at the fair and this fair achieved an unparalleled success.?

We will continue study and import advanced technology, attract excellent talents, implement sales network to strive for further improvement in machine manufacturing fields.

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